Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting ready for the Cape

I think I am finally finished transplanting everything that I have collected. This week I was able to transplant the 4 Yellow Summer Squash and 1 Brandywine Tomato from Maine, as well as the Detroit Dark Red Beets, Romaine Lettuce, Bush Snap Green Beans and Alaska Peas that I grew from seeds. The deck garden has now officially spilled into the yard...

Kelso and I also dug a flower bed near the fence last night and transplanted the Marigolds I bought and all that I grew from seeds. If they make it until the middle of July, I will plant some more flowers in the front yard. I bought some Maine Wildflower Mix and Lupine seeds while we were in Bar Harbor that I think would look really nice on the sides of the pathway to the house.

This weekend my plan is to mulch the containers with some more potting soil, fertilize everything and make some pesticide to spray before we leave for the Cape.

Photo of a Hot Cherry Pepper blossom

Photo of the very tropical squash blossom. Everything on this plant is MALE. Just my luck!

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