Monday, July 14, 2008

Garden Update

It is raining this morning, so no new photos.

Kelso and I did brave the rain to go check on the plants though. There are FINALLY 2 female zucchini flowers growing on the zucchini. One of the souvenir yellow squash from Maine is also growing a female flower. My concern now is that I won't have any male flowers to pollinate them with.

The Soldacki (Polish heirloom) tomato is also growing some flowers, so I am hopeful to get a least 1 tomato from the 3 plants that we have. The Brandywine from Maine also has a flower on it. Jason had a mini tomato harvest over the weekend, and managed to have enough to share with Larry. After picking and feeding there are now 22 green tomatoes amongst the 3 plants.

The cucumbers are all going crazy and it is hard to keep up with them. I have about 10 females that I am pollinating by hand and over the weekend, I saw my first bee. He checked out the cucumber flowers and flew away and I haven't seen him since. This morning with the rain, I passed on pollinating - but did check on the 2 cucumbers that are growing. We have one that should be ready to pick within the next week or 2.

I also managed to squeeze in time to run to the farm stand in Cheshire to get some of their wonderful cherry tomatoes. I asked what variety they were and was told, "Ours, from our greenhouse." Jeez. So, I bought them and then went online to find out how to save the seeds. So, now I will have MY OWN from MY OWN "GREENHOUSE" next summer. Ha!

Other than that, not too much going on in the garden. We have 2 cherry hot peppers growing and it looks like more on the way. I bought some more peas and some Swiss chard from the Cheshire Nursery (which has Jiffy pellets if anyone needs some) to plant later this season for a fall garden. I have some lettuce started in my Jiffy Windowsill Greenhouse. we will see how that goes.

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