Sunday, June 8, 2008

So Far

Here is what the garden looks like so far. Larry and I stopped at the Berlin Farmers Market Saturday morning where I was only able to pick up some strawberries... not too much in season around here.

On the way back home, we stopped at a farm stand where I picked up some Marigolds for pest control. Always more work.

Jay and I stopped at a few farm stands today. We were able to buy produce, although most of it was trucked in from New Jersey. Very disappointing, although at least it is not from California. The man there said that they were growing most of what I was buying, but it wasn't ready yet. I felt like such a dork asking where everything came from... and the woman there was a bit of a biatch. Oh well.

We also stopped in at Ali's to pick up some 3 gallon bucket for the Marigolds and the basil I bought at Stop and Shop. While we were there, a self pollinating raspberry bush attached itself to us. So we are now proud parents of a raspberry bush that I will have to protect from my berry picking dog, Miss Kelso.

I am now on the quest for some strawberry plants....

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