Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back from Bar Harbor

Thank you to Uncle Larry for taking care of the plants while we were away for a week. I thought the plants would be dead when we came back - so instead of souvenirs, I bought a Brandywine tomato, several yellow squash and flower seeds.

As it happens, the plants are very much alive thanks to Larry and now we have a green jungle, plus most of the seedlings are ready to plant. Most of the cucumbers have vines that are climbing up the deck, a few of the tomato plants have either flowers or new tomatoes growing. After I was done assesing my mess, I planted 2 of our Detroit Dark Red Beets, 3 of the Bush Snap Green Beans and 2 of the Alaska Peas.

I will be off to purchase some new pots and potting soil on Tuesday.

Here are some photos:

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