Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day One

After trying to locate a local source for plants, we settled on getting some from 1 town over (Cheshire, CT) at Sunny Acres Farm. From what I could see it was a family operated business.
We picked up mostly tomatoes (several varieties), cucumbers, peppers and eggplant. I was happy to find Roma's, I want to try my hand at making sauce and my husband was happy about tracking down some cherry tomatoes.

The 10 gallon buckets were purchased at Target for an OUTRAGEOUS sum of money... I think $4.50 each. We drilled holes in the bottoms and sides of each bucket, added gravel (which we already had) and washed it off, added Potting Soil (we chose Scotts Premium from Home Depot) and wet it thoroughly, and added two plants. After everything was planted, we watered them and gave them some Miracle Grow - also from Home Depot and called it a day.

We planted 2 Celebrity Tomatoes, 1 Ghostbuster Eggplant (not seen photo below), 2 Polish Tomatoes, 2 Cherry Tomatoes and 2 Roma Tomatoes. Here is what everything looks like on Day 1.

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