Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rumors of Cherry Tomatoes

The past two days we have had intermittent rain mixed with thunder storms. During this storm, one of the Celebrity tomato plants blew over slightly, so this morning I staked it up with a small branch. This afternoon I checked on all of the plants again and decided that it was a good time as any to fertilize them. I mixed some fertilizer (Miracle Grow) and water in a 5 gallon bucket and Ivy decided that she wanted to have a sip. God help me with these dogs in this garden.

(Pictured above are the Market More cucumbers with no vines.)

Right now the only tomato plants with tomatoes are Jason's Cherry tomatoes and a couple of the Roma's. Two of the Celebrity plants have blooms but no tomatoes as of yet. Our Heirloom Polish tomato's (which I believe to be Soldacki's) are just growing very tall and not doing much else. The cucumbers are growing some nice leaves, but haven't thrown any vines out as of yet, and the peppers have done nothing. One of the Ghostbuster eggplants also sent out a bloom, but nothing came of that.

(Pictured above are the seedlings)

For fun, I planted some seeds to see if anything would grow. I planted some Bush Green Beans which are coming up very nicely as are the Snap Peas. The Romaine lettuce and Zucchini squash are both really iffy. I also sowed some Detroit Dark Red Beets... just to see what will happen, if anything.

The only other garden news is that we need to get a baby gate to keep Kelso out. She is extremely interested in all of the happenings of the garden, and happens to love vegetables...

(Celebrity bloom)

(Cherry Tomatoes)

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