Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting bigger!

When I decided I would try to plant a garden, I thought that the easiest way for me to start would be using containers. I even had a premo spot for them on the deck that we NEVER use. If this gardening thing turns out to be something I enjoy, the deck is coming down!

My husband nicely picked up more totes from Target and let me know that this was the last of them. Meaning that I would have to throw away the rest of my plants. This started me on my short adventure of finding a cheap source for 5 gallon buckets. A coworkers husband happens to run a nursery. Yeah for me! In the photo you will see my fabulous find of $1 - 5 gallon black buckets recycled from the trees that they sell.

Today we planted: 2 Hot Cherry Peppers, 1 Polish Tomato, 1 Celebrity Tomato, 2 Ghostbuster Eggplants (1 is in a garbage can), 1 Roma Tomato and 3 Market More Cucumbers.

Here is what the garden looks like today, with Kelso on the prowl.

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