Monday, June 16, 2008

More rain

We are supposed to get more rain and severe thunderstorms all the way into tonight, followed by four partly cloudy days, then more thunderstorms into the weekend.

With this wonderful forecast, I skipped watering the plants this morning and took a photo of them instead.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Welcome to gardening and the garden blogosphere. I've enjoyed reading about the beginning of your garden adventure. I remember well being where you are now just a year ago.

Don't fret about your tomatoes, they're right on schedule for our area. I only have baby tomatoes on the cherry tomato plants and blossoms on the full-size plants. Last year we didn't get our first ripe tomato until mid-August. The local farmers get a jump on us home gardeners with cold frames, grow sheets, greenhouses, etc. We should get the first locally grown tomatoes at farmers markets in mid- to late July.

Anyway, your dad is right, you're going to have a huge harvest. And you could totally plant greenbeans and harvest a bunch of them. It's not too late at all. I planted on the 4th of July last year and more greenbeans than we could eat. If you'd like some Royal Purple Bush bean seeds, I have plenty to share. For peas you can try to plant in late summer for a fall harvest, but I tried last year and we had a long Indian summer and mine didn't produce.

Oh, and you might want to open your comments to non-Blogger folks like myself.