Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Pound of Green Beans!

Today I picked 1 pound of green beans from my 5 plants and they are still flowering. My cucumbers are not producing anymore female flowers, and are starting to look wilty. I think they have given up on life.

We may actually get some tomatoes this year, there are 2 almost ripe Celebrities and some more Roma's that I am hoping to pick tomorrow. The Soldacki's are producing tomatoes, but nothing much happening with them.

I managed to pick another yellow squash and my Eight Ball zucchini has 2 zucchini's growing on it, however, the plant looks awful. Last week, I pulled half of it out and threw it in the garbage.

I have failed my cherry peppers, all of the plants look dead and the fruit that they do set, turns a molty brown. I managed to save some seeds from Carmody Farms red cherry peppers, so hopefully I will have better luck with those.

The Ghostbuster eggplants are producing, but the fruit turns a stripey brown. Right now, we have 5 growing on 2 plants.

Finally, the white zucchini is still growing, even after all of its misfortunes. It is producing all male flowers at this point, but I am hoping in a couple of weeks we might get some females out there.

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Leslie said...

Roxanne, I LOVE your blog !!! thanks for leaving a note on mine so I could find you. I am going to try the roasted Balsamic Veggies tonight !! I too picked pound of green beans this morning ... Yikes. I will be back to visit often.