Sunday, August 3, 2008

Garden Update

I was able to pick a few veggies today. More cucumbers, I think this will make 7 of them in my fridge for this week. More green beans, I am assuming that these won't last long. And then I went ahead and picked 3 of our Cherry Hot Peppers, we'll see how they taste.

I was able to water/fertilize/pollinate and mulch this morning. I had allot of help today with the pollination, I think we have about 6 bees. Only 1 on the deck, he seems to have claimed the eggplant as his own and will occasionally get into the tomatoes. The rest of them crawl into the squash blossoms and stay there.

We have 4 Ghostbuster Eggplants growing, the Soldacki Tomatoes FINALLY stopped dropping blossoms and started growing tomatoes, and 2 of our tomatoes are "blushing". As of right now, we are just waiting for the Brandywine Tomato to start doing something, but she had a real late start.

I also managed to plant some of my Lupin Seedlings near the fence. It will be interesting to see of they make it through the winter. If not, I will plant again in the Spring.

Here are some photos from this morning. (Please click on photos for larger views.) ENJOY!

Kelso checking out the new beans and peas.
She is almost able to hide behind the squash which is amazing as she stands 20" at the shoulder.

Beans and Peas with their very own chicken wire fence to climb on.

Blushing Roma Tomato

Bee buzzing around a Ghostbuster Eggplant blossom.

Soldacki Tomatoes - FINALLY!
Soldacki's are a heirloom variety from Krakow, Poland

More work for tomorrow!

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